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SEO involves many moving parts that work collectively to deliver results. From the psychology behind search intent to call-to-action placements, our team considers all aspects of Google's algorithm and the semantic and thematic meaning and intent of its users when developing an effective and scalable healthcare SEO strategy.

As your healthcare digital marketing agency, we will manage all of your organic digital components on Google, including but not limited to: technical SEO, local search optimization, Google My Business optimization, link-building, and all the other moving parts of your online marketing strategy so that you can focus on your business and your patients.

Healthcare SEO​

Get the word out about your healthcare practice

A thriving treatment center, healthcare practice, or home health agency website facilitates visitor communication and helps you gain more patients while also establishing your brand. But this means little if patients who need your services can't find your website.

To be at the top and in front of potential patients searching for your healthcare services, you'll need a strong SEO marketing agency but an even stronger healthcare SEO strategy. This is where we come in.

With strategies built on a consistent and reliable framework that promotes discovery, we formulate a customized approach to healthcare SEO for each of our clients who see the best return in the form of new patient admissions.

Let us drive patients your way for better healthcare​​

Get the word out about your healthcare practice

All SEO services are designed to systematically grow your digital footprint both locally and nationally while giving you quantifiable results, concentrating on improving your healthcare website's visibility, performance, and conversion rates, which, in turn, supports high rankings in organic search results with all major search engines.

Many "organic marketing professionals" will dazzle you with pretty reports and graphs that show increased traffic to your website while you have nothing to show for it. The reality is for the healthcare industry basic SEO strategies aren't enough.

Successful healthcare SEO requires a tailored strategy, relentless focus, and extensive efforts. By applying the right techniques, from an in-depth competitor and market analysis to strategic local SEO to improve your healthcare practices visibility, everything we do comes together to achieve higher search engine rankings for your healthcare practice.

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What we do to make you the go-to healthcare practice

Let us position your practice as the subject matter expert in your niche by building a strong digital marketing foundation both locally and nationally through our broad range of healthcare marketing SEO services


On-Page SEO

On-page healthcare SEO services involve optimizing elements such as titles, tags, content, images, HTML source code, and overall structure for your target keywords. On-page SEO serves to make your healthcare website more user-friendly and relevant to targeted search queries.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page healthcare SEO focuses on optimization techniques taken outside of your healthcare website, such as link building, social media, and other external signals. When highly respected external websites link to or promote your healthcare website, they effectively vouch for the quality of your content and, in turn, improve the search engine's perception of your site's popularity.



Technical SEO

As opposed to focusing on content, technical SEO involves optimizing various technical aspects of your healthcare website, such as site loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure. Doing so helps Google and other search engines effectively crawl, understand, and present your page to users as the best possible result for their query.

Content Marketing

You've likely heard the phrase "content is king," and when it comes to SEO, there are several reasons for this. A website's content is one of the most important criteria for ranking in Google and other search engines. Quality content educates the reader, motivates your user-base to stay on your website longer, and naturally incorporates your personalized target keywords into each piece.


Increase your census with our custom-designed healthcare SEO strategies

Unlike most SEO agencies, increased traffic to your website every month isn't what we strive for. We focus on actually getting you qualified leads that become new patients, not just ranking your website high on Google...but don't worry, we do that too. In other words, our goal is to drive the right visitors to your website and more importantly, for those visitors to convert into new patients.

We leverage our combined knowledge of the treatment industry and our SEO expertise to develop tailored formulas and scientifically-driven strategies that leverage data and market research to improve lead generation, engagement levels, and conversion rates at record-breaking speed.

As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with many senior living facilities to solidify our tried and tested marketing strategies that make senior living facilities more visible to prospective residents looking for independent living, assisted living or memory care. If you’re looking to reach your target audience through a customer-centric SEO strategy that will outperform your competitors, you've come to the right place.

healthcare seo team working on producing results and helping healthcare practices be found on Google
We provide SEO exclusively for medical practices, addiction treatment centers, and senior living facilities. With our extensive knowledge of these industries, we have developed effective strategies proven to generate traffic and increase conversions.

Healthcare SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the art of ranking on a search engine results page in the unpaid section, also called the organic listings. Specifically, healthcare SEO is the process of optimizing a website – including its content – so it will appear in leading positions for relevant healthcare search queries in the organic results of search engines. SEO caters to you, the searcher, and the search engine.

SEO requires an in-depth understanding of how search engines work, organize and rank websites, how your prospects search and the intent behind different kind of search terms. A successful SEO strategy combines technical and marketing efforts to position a website as appealing to both users and search engines. 

recent study found that 89% of patients nationwide Google their health symptoms before going to their doctor. People are inclined to search their symptoms online to self-diagnose. If their symptoms or search terms are aligned with the services your healthcare organization provides, SEO will help put your website in front of them.

SEO offers an excellent opportunity for healthcare organizations to appear as the top result on Google for searchers with intent to seek treatment. SEO helps healthcare practices attract new patients by maximizing exposure to their practice through various healthcare SEO tactics that increase traffic and credibility.

Local SEO techniques specifically offer healthcare organizations the chance of being the top recommendation or top-ranked link when a service ‘near me’ is searched for. More often than not, patients don’t search “Hodgkin’s lymphoma” on Google but often type out their ongoing symptoms such as ‘severe swelling in nodes’ or ‘constant high fever.’ SEO will help direct such terms to the relevant, optimized content on your website. This way, not only do you cater to suffering patients but prospective patients who are looking for information.

Healthcare SEO also provides healthcare organizations with opportunities to gain trust and brand recognition from the searcher, for whenever they may need an offered service, they are inclined to schedule an appointment with a brand they recognize and trust.
The best way to increase the number of patients at your healthcare practice is to be found effortlessly online, which can be achieved through SEO. SEO is the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching potential patients and creating a name for your business in the healthcare industry.

Most people looking for healthcare start their journey by finding and comparing providers online, usually through searching on Google or other search engines. Once their research is complete, they typically convert by calling. To acquire more patients, healthcare organizations are turning to SEO to drive more high-quality traffic to their websites and increase conversions when they get there.

Research shows that 77% of patients search for healthcare practices online before making an appointment. To capitalize on these searches, we make your website visible as possible. Once your healthcare organization starts to show organically on Google, your exposure increases, increasing your chance to cater to and capture more clients. Whether your healthcare practice is large or a small local practice, SEO offers the opportunity to capture your audience and convert them to patients, resulting in increased revenue.
Positive return on investment is only one benefit of partnering with patientize. Our search engine optimization (SEO) also boosts engagement, increases organic traffic, credibility, reputation, visibility, and brand awareness.

Many people believe that SEO has become a critical tool for attracting and retaining patients in the healthcare industry. When healthcare organizations invest in SEO with us, they stand out amongst competitors and leverage their industry expertise in front of the right people at the right time. Not to mention, when you become a client of patientize, you can expect to feel that your designated account manager is apart of your in-house team. We are hands-on and always in constant communication with our clients – from group chats to weekly calls to late-night emergencies – we are here for you, always.
The actionable and effective healthcare SEO strategies we use for healthcare organizations help attract new patients regardless of the size and specialty of the medical practice. Some of our proven strategies include:

#1: Strategic implementation of healthcare-related keywords The day of attaining a decent ranking on search engines like Google via keyword stuffing is that of the past. This does not mean that strategically utilizing targeted keywords is obsolete. In fact, doing so is a critical component of any solid SEO strategy and, therefore, will play a role in your healthcare organization‘s SEO strategy.

It’s important to target healthcare search terms with volume in your city, state and surround areas for your website. We ensure that keywords that are implemented are relevant to the services you provide, and are targeting people with real intent to seek those services.

Takeaway: using relevant and local keywords with high search volumes can be extremely beneficial when looking to attract people locally to your medical practice.

#2: Proper on-page SEO for your healthcare site With our on-page optimization, you will be well on your way to getting lots of targeted healthcare traffic from search engines such as Google. Our on-page SEO strategy involves creating your website’s structure in a way that will appear user-friendly to both users and search engines, while also optimizing each page to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

#3: Off-page SEO for your healthcare organization Search engines use links to find new web pages, and determine where they stand against their competitors. Search engine “spiders”, crawl the web throughout links, analyzing content and adding it to their indexes accordingly. Building a foundation of links that are seen by search engines as reputable and relevant increases the chances of your website ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

With a strategy focused on doing just that, our off-page SEO utilizes semantically relevant and highly authoritative domains for a natural and approved link building methodology that gives your website the credibility it needs to generate results.

#4: User experience improvement Your websites infrastructure plays an important role in how easily search engines can crawl your web pages, index them, and rank them for relevant keywords. Having a user-friendly website plays a big part in this. As we improve your site with high-quality content and other technical elements, we will ensure your website is easy to navigate in order to increase traffic and improve conversion rates.

Why does website user experience matter in healthcare SEO? Simply put, to better meet the needs of searchers giving you a better chance of landing on the first page of the search engine results page. SEO best practices provide great importance to a website’s user experience, including websites of healthcare organizations. How easy is your website to navigate? Is your website fast, secure, and mobile-friendly? Do you have high-quality content on your site that urges visitors to stay and engage?

Think about the connection between search engine optimization and website user experience this way: SEO targets search engines, whereas user experience targets website visitors. Keep in mind that both share a common objective of offering users the best experience.

These are a few of the many things we consider in healthcare SEO when analyzing your site’s user experience: – User-friendly content – Mobile friendliness – Navigation – Broken site structure/links – Readability – Usability – Site speed

#5: Conversion rate optimization Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is another aspect of the marketing equation we consider while doing healthcare SEO. CRO is the practice of increasing the number of users who perform a desired action on a website, such as filling out a form or clicking to call. Our conversion rate optimization utilizes a scientific approach to give healthcare practices a greater chance of converting more website visitors to potential patients.

These are a few of the many things we consider in healthcare SEO when performing conversion rate optimization: – Banner optimization – Headlines, titles, and subject lines optimization – Content copy optimization – Use of trust building elements across website – Call to action optimization – Website design optimization – Lead generation form optimizations
Off-page SEO is important for your healthcare organization because it’s a large determinant in qualifying your website as relevant and displaying it on Google as such.

Every healthcare organization should have a website that facilitates communication and ultimately wins them more patients. However, this is only possible if potential patients can find your website among your competitors.

To appear on page one in the organic search results for healthcare-related search terms with intent, things that come into play are relevance, reputation, trustworthiness, and authority that effective off-page SEO provides.

Some effective off-page healthcare SEO tactics and strategies we implement are:
– Link building
– Blog articles
– Citations
– Online review sites