Here at Patientize, we have the utmost confidence in the services that we offer to our clients. We strive daily to provide only the best and most reliable services that we can. We want nothing less than to develop a relationship with each of our clients that is not only long-term, but a mutually profitable relationship. We often let our high retention rate and previous customer satisfaction speak for itself. We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is open and honest conversation. Clear communication is utilized to ensure that everyone is aware of service expectations. For this reason, we do not offer any refunds to clients.

Due to the nature of the services offered, Patientize is unable to guarantee that a refund will be issued after a cancellation of services. No refunds will be issued for any services already complete or delivered, or should other miscellaneous charges prove to be non recoverable, due to the fact that issuing these returns would result in a loss to Patientize. Additionally, we are unable to issue credits or refunds for any money spent of a third-party search engine or any social media. Money spent on advertising with any third party is considered the responsibility of the client.

At Patientize, every day is another opportunity to reassure our clients they have made the best marketing decisions. Should you for any reason decide to cancel services, please provide us 30 days of notice. A 6 month minimum is standard for SEO services. Credit cards provided by the client may be auto billed, or invoices sent for prompt payment.

Because these policies are subject to chance without notice, we encourage our clients to refer to this page often in order to be aware of any changes.