You’re struggling to generate new patients online. Here’s why.

You grapple and grasp with poor conversion rates. (But you’re not alone)

“78% of businesses are not satisfied with their conversion rates”.

You lack insight. (Turns out, you’re in good company)

“73% of companies have no idea why people abandon their inquiry forms”.

You lack knowledge. (So too do many professional marketers)

“63% of marketers optimize their websites based on intuition and gut feeling”.

Let’s Begin With Some Terminology: CRO.

We must outline something critically important – Medical Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). As you’re in the medical industry, allow us to make this analogy – this arm of marketing is based on trial and error – on incremental changes to test a theory that you’ll receive more emails, calls, conversions, by the actions we take.

So, what could this look like?

  • The re-writing of a treatment page – to focus on patient concerns and desires
  • The addition of condition guides – to help guide potential patients in their choices, for overcoming their condition or symptoms.
  • The moving of website elements, to make your patient’s online journey all the more seamless.
  • The creation of more compelling Calls to Action – to speak, emotively, to your audience.

Three Steps Towards a Single Meaningful Goal of Visitors Who Transform Into Patients.

1. A Firm Foundation with an Exhaustive CRO Audit
The first stage begins with data hunting and gathering – we’ll unleash our skilled data analyst to uncover and discover the data that’ll shape our ideas. Diving deep into your website analytics and call tracking data, we will form the most in-depth of insights. This, we use to guide our knowledge to put a spotlight on viable opportunities for growth.

2. A Second Step That Involves Ideas, Debates, and Creativity

We huddle – debating, discussing and exploring ideas and creative directions. Using the skills of UX experts, copywriters, designers and patient experience professionals, we land upon ideas to test and trial – for conversion rates that improve, and a growth in patient numbers, month after month.

3. A Third and Final Stage Where It All Slots Into Place

This, is it. The third and final part where all of our hard work pays off. This stage forms the lengthiest part – a time for meticulously testing our hypothesis. Along the way, you’ll fully understand what we’re doing, why and how our trials are faring, in concrete figures, for improving conversion rates and a bolstered appointment schedule.

Our CRO Methods Are Wide And Varied. A few of the tactics we utilize include:

  • Page content and images
  • Mobile UX Optimization
  • Patient Request Form Fields
  • Call to Actions & Buttons
  • Trust Metrics and Social Proof
  • Design and Colors
  • Layout and Navigation
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Heatmap Visitor Tracking

Convert more visitors, into loyal patients (who return time after time).