Trust. In this business, it’s critical.

A glowing reputation can single handedly drive growth year after year. And while trust is important in any line of business, in this industry, it is so much more entwined – after all, it is in your expertise, skills and staff that your clients entrust their health and appearance.

Put simply? Positive word of mouth in the medical industry is a non-negotiable. Get it right, and the potential is unparalleled.

Generating Reviews, Seamlessly.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

We create a consistent supply of positive reviews. How? By streamlining the process – making it automated and easy for you to run your review campaign, and simple for your patients to leave positive reviews.

A Finger on the Pulse, with Daily Reputation Monitoring

We react rapidly. To shining reviews, to less than complimentary opinions. It is key to providing thanks in good time (an interaction that often leads to the next appointment) and working closely with you and your staff handling any complaints with polished professionalism (presenting your case and persuading those looking on that despite the comments, your practice is clearly to be trusted. Wherever the review is left – Google, Facebook, Yelp or elsewhere, we’ll be there in a matter of moments.

Beautifully Boosting Your Search Engine Ranking

“90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business”

It’s not just online searchers who invest trust in online reviews, they also form an essential part of your SEO strategy – signaling to the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo! That your business is one worthy of showcasing to searchers – right up there, in the dizzy heights of page one.

Completely Compliant With HIPAA

In 2016 there were 329 HIPAA Breaches of 500+ records, and 14 breaches of 100,000

Frightening statistics, amongst which you never want your practice to be found. The protection of your patients is paramount. We completely understand. The steps taken to ring-fence their data are robust. We know just what it takes to meet your legal obligations and ensure that the HIPAA regulations are fulfilled, without question.  We will never engage with any patients to discuss the particulars of their treatment or office visit in a way that would expose any sensitive information.

Make no mistake – every, single, patient interaction online will be one that considers their privacy, directing them to the right, secure medium, should a conversation from prying eyes and ears be needed.

Let’s talk about how we can get your clients talking, for all the right reasons.