Why Choose Us?

You’re going to love working with us.

You want targeted leads – new patients who call, email and arrive at your door, every month.

That much is clear. But let us ask you this:
Is your online presence working overtime to boost your bottom line?
Any idea as to how, or even if, your website is an effective marketing tool?

In this digital age, it should be – and that’s just the start.

If you’re struggling to even answer these questions, we should talk. But before then, you’ll probably want to know why us, and not the next agency. Allow us to explain…

At Patientize, we believe in cast-iron tools, tactics, and techniques that will transform your budget into an investment that pays dividends.

We don’t churn out jargon and technical terms that make your head spin. Nor do we operate in any market, other than the medical industry.

For medical spas, pain management practices, aesthetic and age management practices, optometrists, chiropractors, and many more medical professions, we’re there – right there alongside your team to understand your practice (and what it is that makes it unique).

Our goal? It’s simple, really. We exist to grow your medical spa through digital marketing. And as it turns out, our many years in business have created a proven track record of happy clients. We’ve perfected our patient lead generation technique – a cutting-edge approach that ensures you are discovered, by the right patients, online and that your message connects with their cares and concerns.

We are accountable – we don’t present data on ranking, visitor hits, links and impressions as a success. All of these things mean nothing if new, profitable and loyal patients aren’t joining your client list.

To track the results of our efforts (and your budget), we’re able to audit your phones –reviewing your calls to arrive at concrete figures as to the new appointments you’ve gained.

Our pricing is on point – competitive in the marketplace we know so well, and always based on a package completely customised to your every requirement.

We are transparent – in all that we do (and this extends to our fees). That pricing we just touched upon? It’s always fixed, never hidden.

We never tie you into a cumbersome, year-long contract. We know that it is the results we deliver that keep our clients coming back, rather than legally binding T’s and C’s.

In all of these ways, we hand our clients a competitive edge (an edge that we don’t pass to your competitors, as we only work with you one practice per field within a geographic region).

So, if we sound like the type of team that resonates with the way you work, we should probably talk about your medical practice, our agency, and the possibilities when we work together.

Let our Medical Marketing
Experts Grow Your Practice